Sequential Turn Signals   Self-Adjusting Electronics assures
 Perfect Sequencing Action!

 Programmable Brake Light

 Works on 94-96 Chevy Impala
 and 95-99 Buick Riviera

 Converts the middle lamp to
 Brake/Turn/Tail light


The STS-3MP Sequencer Kit will convert the tail lights on your 1994-1996 Impala/Caprice and 1995-1999 Buick Riviera to sequential operation.  This kit is specifically designed to convert the middle tail light bulb to brake/turn/tail light operation without modifying your tail light housing or replacing sockets.

These modules feature sophisticated electronics that automatically adjust the sequencing speed to match the turn signal flasher in your car.  While other products offer you fixed timing or complicated manual adjustments, our modules sense your car's flasher speed and adjust the 1-2-3 sequence timing for you.  Want more separation between individual lamps?  Just put in a slower flasher!

Each kit comes with 2 modules (one for each side of the car), wire, connectors and printed instructions.  Installation takes about an hour.

 STS-3MP Sequential Turn Signals,  $89.95 ......  



  Note:  Sequential Turn Signals only work on cars with combination brake/turn signal lamps.  They will not work on cars with separate turn signals or cars with amber lenses.  This kit will not work with LED lamps, only standard incandescent lamps.
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