One Touch Windows   
 Add "One-Touch" Function to the
 Rear Windows of your 2005+ Mustang

 Simple Splice-In Module Requires
 No Wire Cutting

 Works on the Rear Windows of All
 2005 and newer Mustang Convertibles


We don't know why, but when Ford added the rear windows to the beautiful Mustang Convertible, they didn't install a "One-Touch" function.  The fronts have it -- what about the rears?

Don't worry.  WebElectric Products has the solution.  The OTW-1M One-Touch Window module adds the One-Touch, or Express feature to the rear windows of your 2005+ Mustang Convertible.  The module simply splices into the wiring under your switches and adds this convenient feature to both the "UP" and "DOWN" motions of the windows.

                    OTW-1M Mustang One Touch Window Module,  $39.95
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