Dome Light Dimmer Module

 Adds a 20 Second Delay to your Dome
 Lights Before Dimming.

 Ignition Override Function Dims
 the Lights Immediately.

 Easy Installation -- No Wires to Cut.


The DLD Dome Light Dimmer Module (Theatre Lighting) is used to control the interior lights of your car.  After you close the door, the lights will stay on for about 20 seconds, then gradually dim to off.  An additional feature of the module is the ignition override function.  If the car is running, the unit goes directly into dimming mode (no delay) so you don't have to drive away with the lights on.

The DLD-1 module is used for Low Side Switching.  This is where one side of the dome light is connected to +12V, and the other side is switched to ground.  This is typical of older cars, and most GM cars that don't have remote entry.

  DLD-1 Dome Light Dimmer,  $39.95 ..........  


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